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Transformation Challenge, Day 7

Whoa whoa whoa….I need to get it together on documenting this whole thing.  We’re a week in, people!  

So here is the schedule of the last week:

Monday: Hot yoga in the morning, CrossFit in the evening.

Tuesday: Gym in the morning, Day 1 of Shortcut to Shred.  CrossFit in the evening.

Wednesday: Gym in the morning, Day 2 of Shortcut to Shred.  Hot yoga in the evening.

Thursday: CrossFit in the morning, hot yoga in the evening.

Friday: Unintended day off.  The boy ended up needing to go into work which messed up our whole plan, so we decided to make Friday rest day this week instead of Sunday.

Saturday: Gym in the morning, Day 3 of Shortcut to Shred.  Back to the gym in the afternoon, Day 4 of Shortcut to Shred.

Sunday, today, I’m heading to hot yoga in a little while and then to the gym with the boy for Day 5 of Shortcut to Shred.

So…hard and tightly scheduled, but doable.  I LOVE Shortcut to Shred so far.  So glad we picked it.  It is incredibly challenging and you’re drenched with sweat, but it’s weirdly fun the way it’s structured.  And I can do it with my dude, which makes me happier than anything.

Still feeling amazing on Whole30, not that that’s a shock by now. I’ll try to post some meals soon. It’s been really simple stuff this first week, nothing fancy.

That’s it!  Happy Sunday!

Day 5 of Crazy

Somehow, it’s already Day 5, and I barely noticed!  

I love how I feel on Whole30, so that’s part of why I’m so stoked.  I slept like a log last night, which for the past few months has been REALLY rare for me.

 JC, of course, as of yesterday had already lost 4 lbs.  Silly boys and their ability to drop weight in seconds!  

Speaking of weight, I hadn’t weighed myself in a year until last Friday. Even my last two Whole30s, I didn’t.  I’ve been just focusing on doing everything I can to get my diet clean and work out in a smart way, plus I knew I was steadily building muscle so the scale would never go down drastically or rapidly anyway.  

I debated on not weighing myself for this either.  I REALLY didn’t want to. But I have this BodySpace account that asked for weight for beginning this transformation, plus the paleo challenge at CrossFit asks for weight, so I said, time for big-girl panties, I can do this.  And….anticlimactic.  No big deal. I weigh 10 lbs less than I did a year ago.  There ya go.  With way more muscle, so I was actually pleased with that.  This should probably be a textbook example of why NOT to weigh yourself every day, though.  I’m not going to bother doing the math on how much I lost per day, but I’m guessing it’s like .000002 of a lb.  Not really, but you get it.  If weight loss had been my only focus, and I’d worked out as hard as I did and lost basically no weight per week, I would have been discouraged.  But a year later, I’m stronger, more muscular, love my body more, and bonus, I’m a tiny bit lighter too.

So the workout program we picked for the transformation is Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Shred.  It’s available for free on, so anyone can do it, no dollars required.  Except you need a gym membership, because I don’t think you could pull this one off without quite a bit of equipment.  We’ve only done two of  his workouts so far, but I’m impressed, to say the least!  They are intense and amazing.  I’ve been drenched with sweat 10 minutes in both times.  And then we’re still doing CrossFit, and I’m doing hot yoga 3 times per week. I managed to work out a schedule that actually seems ok.  But it’s basically 2-a-days every day except Sunday.  

So that’s that!  Happy to be here. I’ll try to update again soon. I’ve been very non-internetty (it’s a word, I just used it) this week.  

Transformation Challenge begins tomorrow!

I’m not even going to try to get into all the stuff I’ve missed….let’s just say early 2014 has been a tidbit busy!  Just a little!

I’ve done a lot of workouts and yoga classes that have gone unlogged, and that’s just fine…because tomorrow….

Yup, tomorrow craziness begins!

I’ve chosen this training program:

Shortcut to shred by Jim Stoppani.  My bf is doing the same one and I really wanted us to do the same plan, because I think it will be much more streamlined if we can do it together.  So that’s that.  

Our CrossFit gym is having a paleo challenge that happens to run concurrent to the first 6 weeks of this transformation, so naturally we’re doing it!

We had to do three WODs that will be repeated at the end of the six weeks:


3 rounds of 

500m row

12 bodyweight deadlifts 

21 box jumps

The other two were a one mile run for time and 7 minutes of max reps burpees.  Ugh.  And we did before pics and measurements. So all the prep work has been done.

We shopped yesterday, at the farmer’s market, Whole Foods, and Costco. Got piles of awesome food. I’m so ready for this, I can’t even tell you!  So ready for amazing.

I am officially doing a Whole30 starting tomorrow, so that will be delicious. I crave Whole30 because I feel, and sleep, so amazingly on it.  

K!  See ya tomorrow for the Transformation Challenge!

2014! Hey You!

So, I haven’t blogged in a minute or two. I’m not even going to try to update my workouts that I haven’t logged, nor the cocktails I’ve definitely chugged, or the pie I’ve 100% pounded.  

I’m just going to say this:  I’m proud of 2013.  But even more than that, I’m grateful for 2012, because that is the year I found CrossFit, and that changed my life forever.  No exaggeration required.

I do have one, fairly significant update:  

JC, my life partner in all things everything, is doing this:

It is basically 12 weeks to transform your body from where it is to awesome. When I first heard about it, I went, “oh great, another unsustainable bullshit diet that will never stick and we probably won’t follow for more than a month anyway, and we’ll miss all kinds of fun social stuff and it will never be worth it and for months people will be asking “Are you still on that crazy diet thing?”

But….I reconsidered.  JC has changed his body drastically through CrossFit. So have I.  But we both still have significant ground we’d like to cover.  I thought, I could be his chef for this, and truly be a support, and help make this possible.  I wouldn’t PARTICIPATE, OBVIOUSLY.  I like wine, and I hate diets, and I don’t have enough weight to lose to win, and so on.

And yet, here we are, where I’m going to do it with him, because why not? Honestly, if I tell the truth, why not is that I hate before pictures and posting my weight.  I haven’t weighed myself in a year.  I truly have no idea what I weigh, and I have some weird pride with that.  Plus, I’ve been working my ass off for a billion centuries, why the F would I of all people take a before pic????

Here’s the thing:  It is really, REALLY hard for me to admit that myself AND my love are doing something purely aesthetic. I have taken such liberation in working out with performance goals and feeling-good goals and to switch that up is a shock to the system.  I’m getting over it.  Still weird.  

OH! How am I doing this, you ask?  Well, it starts in 2 weeks and I JUST decided to do it, so I’m not sure yet.  I have some ideas, though.


For me, I’m thinking a pure, perfect Whole30 to start.  (For those unfamiliar, Whole30 is competely clean paleo eating, zero cheats, for 30 days. No sugar, grains, legumes, dairy or alcohol).

I knowhow freaking phenomenally my body responds to Whole30 and I’d love the leanness and amazing sleep that comes with it.  JC is trying to maintain and possibly add bulk, so he would likely do the W30 eating plan and add some protein shakes and any other supplements he decides on.  

From there, I’d probably continue eating just as clean, but add more protein to the mix for the next 2 months.  Lots of added protein shakes to help with muscle building.  And focus on maintaining protein in the diet.  That is the thing for me, is getting enough protein.  I have no issue eating enough veggies, especially if I cut out pointless carbs.  Minimal fruit.

Alcohol: nonexistent.  This is hard for me. I love relaxing with a glass of wine.  But I do care a lot about what I’d be focusing on and I know alcohol is a slippery slope for this kind of plan.  

K, so that’s food and stuff. 


Obviously CrossFit, all the time.  5 days a week minimum. If I’m brutally sore, I’ll still go and just lower the intensity, no big deal.  

BUT!  I can’t just stick to the current thing.  I need to add on. More hot yoga?  I think so. What if I committed to 12 weeks of hot yoga 5 days a week too? The question is how much it actually leans you out. I don’t know.  Could be a good experiment. I was also throwing around the idea of joining a gym so I can get in some HIIT treadmill runs and (dare I say it) do some area-specific weight training.  

Just know, all this stuff makes me cringe, because I’ve been so anti-scale, anti-diet, anti-size-issues, fitspo-hating, all that for so long.

And I still feel that way!  Yet here we are. Hmmm. Thoughts welcome.

Weekend of Hedonism…Oh hi, Monday!

So I took 3 days off…that wasn’t planned, I assure you.  But that’s what happened, and I’m mostly ok with it. We had our ugly sweater party Friday night, Saturday night…what did we do?  Oh, I went out with a girlfriend for dinner and then caught up with the boy for drinks.  Not feeling my freshest Sunday, plus I needed to get some work done, so no yoga.  I wish I’d gotten to a yoga class somewhere along the way, because my hips and low back would feel a million times better right now, but hey.

Back to it today!

Did this:


Group Dynamic Stretch III

*5min to warm up on C&J


Clean and Jerk 

EMOM 10min 3 Reps (75%)



  • 400m
  • 30 Dbl Unders (Adv- Unbroken) (x3 Singles)
  • 20 Wall Balls (20/14)
Cool Down: Everyone starts together.
Hollow Rocks
Super Mans
Yeah, that sucked.  Home now about to chow on grilled fish, corn and asparagus.  Get some.  That’s it.  Holler.

I blog? Oh right, I forgot, I blog.

Yeah, so far behind, so little time!  I’m having a Christmas ugly sweater party tonight so I need to kick this work day’s ass so I can get ready.  So be quick, this must!


This is my tree, you like?

Sunday: Hot yoga.  Nuff said.

Monday, this:


*Wall Quad, Iron cross, scorpian + DS II 

Skill: 5min to work on double unders


Front squat 3-3-3-3-3

Back Ext 5 x 10

Abs 5 x 10


For Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 20 C2B Pull ups
  • 20 Squat Cleans (135/95)
  • 20 C2B Pull ups
  • 400m Run

Went super light on the squat cleans and this still took me forever.  I’ve been hella slow this week, across the board.  Oh well. I’m still going, no matter how long it takes me!

Tuesday, this:



  • 10 PVC P.T.
  • 10 Arnold Press
  • 10 Push ups
  • 10 Good Mornings


Press 4 X 3  75-80%

Ring Dip 4 X 5 Adv- Weighted


For Time:

  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
  • Push Press (135/95)
  • KB Swings (70/53)
This is my kinda workout, 100%.  I did 65 lb on the push press, not sure how long it took but I think I was around the middle of the pack.
Wednesday: Hot yoga, no CrossFit.
Yesterday, this:

Wall Quad, Iron Cross, Scorpion, DS II

*Skill: (x4) 0:20sec Plank Hold/ 0:20 Hollow Rock Hold (Modify as needed)

**0:20sec rest between sets


Power Clean EMOM 10min 75% Touch & Go


For Time:


  • Box Jumps (24/20)
  • G.S. Push Ups
*200m Run after each set.
Yeah, that sucked, sucked a lot, it did.
Now it’s Frrrrrriday!  It has been a ridiculously busy week.  Tons of work and activities.  Gonna hit up CrossFit this afternoon before final party prep.  
And that’s it!  TGIF it up, everyone!

Got My Groove Back!

Man, I’m proud of me.  

Got back late Thursday night, so tired I wanted to die. Then I pretty much DID die, as soon as my head landed on the pillow!  Got a terrific night’s sleep, got a bunch of annoying errands done yesterday (including getting my new kicks, although that was awesome, not annoying), and went to CrossFit last night.  Did this:



Skill Work:

Take 15 minutes and practice 2-4 gymnastics skills of your choice – Muscle-Ups, Kipping/Butterfly Pull-Ups, Toes to Bar, Hollow Rocks, Pistols, Handstand Push-Ups, Ring Dips, Double-Unders, etc.


6 Rounds

In 2min,

200m Run

(rounds 1,3,5) Max rep Wall Balls (20/14)

(rounds 2,4,6) Max rep Double unders

*45sec rest between each round


I worked on my kipping and toes to bar for the warmup. 

For the WOD, I think I did 40-something wall balls and 115 double-unders. Not great, not terrible.

Went out for tacos & beer with the man last night. Crashed fairly early and went yardsaling this morning, got a bunch of cool goodies and then…

CrossFit again!

Did this:

Warmup: Work on skill or strength of your choice



5 Handstand Pushups

10 Toes to Bar

15 Kettlebells (53/35)

I got an even 5 rounds on this.  All complete toes to bar, 2 mats for my handstands. And of course Rx on kettlebells, cuz them is my shiz!

Home wolfing down on a huge salad.  Need to find some protein too, but I was so hungry I just started chowing.

SO happy with my yardsale haul!  You just never know how it will go, but I got wicked lucky. I’ll try to post some pics when I unload it all.

K!  Off to work all day!  Gotta make up for lost time, my bank account doesn’t refill itself!

Lunch! Pohole fern and oyster mushrooms, sautéed in a mix of rice vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, and ginger with a splash of soy sauce at the end. Fresh from the farmer’s market! Tasty awesome!

Lunch! Pohole fern and oyster mushrooms, sautéed in a mix of rice vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, and ginger with a splash of soy sauce at the end. Fresh from the farmer’s market! Tasty awesome!

Brand-new kicks! Kinda in love with these! I left my beat-to-shit Asics at my parents’ house so I’d have no choice but to hook myself up with a new pair! I get to try them out in a few hours at CROSSFIT!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Brand-new kicks! Kinda in love with these! I left my beat-to-shit Asics at my parents’ house so I’d have no choice but to hook myself up with a new pair! I get to try them out in a few hours at CROSSFIT!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

(Fake) pic of me on an elliptical that I posted on Facebook to lovingly mock my CrossFit coaches! Also, it’s brand-new that my arms look slightly more muscley than squishy, so there’s that too!

(Fake) pic of me on an elliptical that I posted on Facebook to lovingly mock my CrossFit coaches! Also, it’s brand-new that my arms look slightly more muscley than squishy, so there’s that too!

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